CSS3 Design

The acronym CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) stands for "Cascading Style Sheets" and is based on a simple but very powerful concept: to apply styles (colors, shapes, margins, etc...) to one or several documents (usually HTML documents, web pages) in a massive way.
They are called cascade styles because they are applied from top to bottom and in the case of ambiguity, a series of rules are followed to resolve it.
Thanks to this technology we can create incredible websites that fit any device.


HTML5 MarkUp

The HTML language works through sense marks called .
tags Tags are the fundamental tool for browsers to interpret the code and allow us to see images, text, paragraph, and structures.
Browsers would become like "translators" of the tags, and with HTML5, new tags are added to use that save us the use of other products that were used to complement and do things that with simple HTML could not be done.
HTML5 was created to make the process of writing the code simpler and more logical, to say it in a way.

SQL Databases

SQL is a language designed to manage relational database systems.
Databases can be found in almost all web and mobile applications and some PC programs.
They allow a program to insert data, query, update and delete them.
This makes a program much more complex and have advanced features such as user management, large data storage, among others.


Python Languaje

Python is a (fundamentally) object-oriented programming language (Object-oriented programming is programming that obtains some data, manipulates it with objects (classes, functions, code fragments, whatever we want to call it) to obtain other output data.
Python's way of processing code and working with it, allows computer systems that are constantly growing, scaling and improving performance not to have bottlenecks because of the way the code is executed or if many requests are received.

Javascript Languaje

Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and the reason for this is the fact that it is so versatile.
In fact, many developers use it as their favorite programming language and only turn to the others in this list when they need something a little more specific.


Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a distributed database that is composed of Data Blocks that are groups of transactions of cryptosystems.
Each block is "chained" to the next block using a cryptographic hash that identifies it, this allows the Blockchain to be used as a ledger where all the transactions of each cryptomoney on the planet are recorded, and that can be shared and read by anyone.

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Trading Scripts

We create quantitative indicators applied to the stock market to automate and generate buying and selling strategies.